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Basic Saddle Care and Maintenance - From PFI's Saddle Experts

The most important aspect of saddle care is that the life of the leather depends upon the care you give it. Most saddles experience the tough rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life.

Basic Saddle Care and Maintenance

You’ve made a big investment, and now it’s time to care for it. Most manufactured saddles come “ready to ride” from the factory. This means they have been oiled and treated for the consumer. We recommend you oil your saddle twice a year, six months apart. Saddle soaping regularly will prevent dirt and dust from building- plus it will help retain the oil in the leather. There are important things to take into consideration when caring for your saddle. Leather is a unique material. If neglected, it is very difficult to regain its proper state. Leather that has not been oiled or regularly can become hard and brittle. Over-oiled leather will become flimsy and over-stretch, causing it to wear abnormally. It is a fine balance and should be studied in depth.


-Oil with the best oils and leather conditioners available to you.
-If your saddle gets wet, clean all leather parts that have been exposed to sweat and moisture, let dry naturally, and oil.
-Do not use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry leather or it may become brittle and lose its strength. Leather which has been burned through this process should no longer be used.


-Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth and water.
-Blot spots immediately, do not let them soak into the leather-many stains will tend to disappear a few days after they have occurred. Some darkening can be expected.
-Let dry naturally-exposure to intense heat sources is not recommended.
-DO NOT use cleaning products unless specifically designed for leather.
-DO NOT use solvents for cleaning.
-The regular use of specifically designed leather cleaners and protection agents is recommended.


-Tucker silver is sterling silver electroplated and has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing-clean with a damp cloth only. Abrasive or chemical cleaners should not be used because they could result in removal of the protective finish.
-With normal use, saddle silver will be subject to scratches which may allow tarnishing. Use a soft cloth to buff away any tarnish.


-Do not store saddles in plastic bags or other non-porous covers.
-Allow a wet or damp saddle to air-dry naturally away from sources of heat. Apply a little leather conditioner when the saddle is nearly dry to restore flexibility. Condition thoroughly when the saddle is completely dried.
-To prevent mildew, protect the saddle from excessive humidity. In a dry environment, regularly condition the leather to prevent the saddle from drying out and cracking.
-Do not use waxes, silicone, or other preparations that impair the ability of leather to breathe.
-Greases should not be used because they seal the pores, picking up additional dust and dirt and slowing drying time.
-Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather. Avoid preparations that contain alcohol, turpentine, or mineral spirits.
-Do not use mink or animal fats. They will darken leather. Animal fat can also turn rancid, causing the stitching and leather to rot.

Products to Use:

• Pure Neatsfoot Oil- Compounds will leave a gummy film on your leather.
• Fiebling’s Paste Saddle Soap- Used by top saddle makers and saddle shops.
• Leather New- Liquefied saddle soap, easy to use
• Black Rock N Rich- Deep penetrating moisturizer for dry saddles
• Bickmore Bick 4- Perfect conditioner when you don’t want to alter the leather color. Safe to use on white leather.

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Saddle Fitting your Horse - From PFI's Saddle Experts

Your Saddle Fit is the most criticle part of any equine endeavor. Follow These six simple steps to get an expertrecommendation on the saddle size you need!!

Saddle Fitting Your Horse

Obtain a device called a flexible curve. This measuring tool can easily be found at an office or art supply store. It should be at least 18” long. You may also use a piece of copper wire, found at most hardware stores. (A coat hanger or other stiff wire is not suitable.) You will use it to take a shape of your horse’s back in four places, and then trace that shape onto a sturdy paper or poster board. Use a separate piece of paper for each tracing. Your horse should have his head up in a natural position for the following steps:

1. Bend the flexible curve in half and place it over the horse’s withers where the fork of the tree would sit. Conform the flexible curve on the withers and shoulders by pressing it to follow the shape of your horse, as shown in the A photo above.

2. Carefully take the flexible curve off your horse and lay it on the paper, taking care not to change the shape that you have obtained. Trace the underside edge of the curve, making a line that is your horse’s shape, as shown in C. Mark the pattern to show the left and right side of your horse.

3. Repeat #1 and #2 steps above 7” back from the first measurement.

4. Repeat #1 and #2 steps above at 15” back behind where the first measurement was taken.

5. After taking the three shapes above, straighten out the curve and place it length ways on your
horse’s back, from the wither to the croup, as shown in B. Then follow step #2 above.

6. Include photos of your horse, with his head up in a natural position, and from both sides. For the majority of horses, saddle fit is easily accomplished. However, there are a small percentage of horses that may be hard to fit due to asymmetry or conformation issues. For these horses, we recommend taking the following measurements for our evaluation. Send the four drawings and photos to our Saddle Experts at PFI for evaluation (address below). We will have one of our saddle technicians contact you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number.

PFI Western Store
Attn:Saddle City
3401 E. Ridgeview
Springfield, MO 65804

Visit our
Saddles Department now to find the perfect saddle!

What is the secret of a well fitting saddle?

The answer is a properly fitting tree. The tree is the key.

What is required for this to be successful?

• A saddle tree with bars that have enough twist and bend to contact the horse along the middle
section. Our trees are designed with years of combined experience and study. The trees are carved out of an extra large piece of wood, so the twist and bend are adequate to provide continual surface contact through the middle section of the horse.

• A tree with enough flare to free the horse to move in the front and rear. With our saddle trees we accomplish both of these objectives. Tucker saddles are designed with a bar flare to accommodate the motion of a horse’s shoulders. Many gaited horses need this accommodation and other breeds will appreciate this freedom of movement as well.

• The tree width must be wide enough to accommodate the conformation of the horse’s wither’s and back. Most Tucker saddles, with the exception of the Trooper style saddles, come in two tree widths: a medium tree that fits most horses with a defined set of withers, and a wide tree that will fit broader and flatter withered horses. Select models are available in an extra wide tree which fits draft and draft crosses, and especially wide foundation type of horses in other breeds. And, now Tucker has a specific mule fit tree.

• Tucker Trail Saddles have designed its saddle tree to fit a broad range of breeds and types of horses. Sometimes fitting your horse properly is only a matter of choosing the correct tree width. With other horses, some other fit accommodations will be needed. For those we suggest you send us a set of patterns and photos.

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PFI Western Store

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Tucker Saddle Riggings - From PFI's Saddle Experts

Figure out what rigging suits your horses confirmation. PFI and Tucker Saddlery offer many different rigging options built into every saddle.



This rigging design offers the flexibility of a front dee conventional attachment as well as the front torear balanced ride attachment. When using the front to rear attachment this rigging design offers a unique extra secure fit. It’s great for rough terrain riding.



This is the same as the single tie version of the ENDURO-BALANCED RIDE RIGGING only using two separate billets to buckle to the girth. (This rigging requires an English type girth with 1 1/4” buckles.)



This rigging design features conventional western tie straps and off billets but is dropped in a lower position to offer less rider obstruction and closer contact. (The rear girth set is optional at an additional cost.)



The billets are 1” wide and plenty long for ample adjustment. Uses standard English girth.



This rigging eliminates bulk under the rider’s leg and allows the saddle to be rigged in the full, 7/8, or 3/4 position. Full position provides greatest stability to the front of the saddle. Rear cinch is used to stabilize back. 3/4 position offers most stability in a single rigging stabilizing both the front and back. 7/8 position is most commonly used, providing enough stability to the front of the saddle without interfering with movement.

Tucker Saddles and Tucker Trail Saddles are available now
at PFI Western Store!

Tack for all
your Rigging Needs is available now at PFI Western Store


PFI Western Store
Western Wear, Cowboy Boots, Western Boots, Tucker Trail Saddles and Western Clothing at PFI Western Store

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Western Saddle Types Explained

There are many different types of western saddles for different types of riding, competitions or work. In this article PFI's Saddle Experts try and break them down for you!

Trail Saddles

Trail or pleasure riding usually doesn't entail heavy work or long days, so the Pleasure Saddle is lighter in weight than most of the saddles intended for heavy jobs. The balance point tends to be to the back of the saddle. Lightweight saddles built with comfort in mind. Trail Saddles are usually built with comfort in mind on a lighter weight tree with a single “Mother Hubbard” style skirt. This diverse group of saddles has a variety of cantle heights, varied amounts of seat padding, and rigging choices. Many options at the rider’s discretion according to type of use, riding style, and breed of horse that will be ridden with that particular saddle. Rings and saddle strings are plentiful for attaching gear.

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Barrel Saddles

Lightweight saddle built for speed and security. Usually built on a lightweight tree with a single “Mother Hubbard” style skirt. A tall cantle for security and support, combined with a horn tall enough to grip with your entire hand will help keep you seated. The vast majority of barrel saddles have roughout seat jockeys and fenders, although smoothout and tooled are available. Most barrel saddles have an in-skirt rigging with other rigging options available.

Shop now for Western Barrel Saddles at PFI Western Store!!!

Cutter Saddles

Saddle built so you can move easily in the seat. Usually built with a lower cantle and a tall pommel (or swell) and horn. The seat is mostly flat with some rise toward the pommel. Seat jockeys and fenders are generally roughout. Most are rigged with the standard Double Dee Western rigging.

Shop now for Western Cutter Saddles at PFI Western Store!!!

Ranch Saddles

Ranch saddles are built to withstand the rugged use of daily ranch work. These saddles are built on a tree durable enough to handle roping large animals whether dallying or “tied hard” to the horn. Most have a tall cantle with a moderate rise to the seat. The twist needs to be narrow enough to be comfortable during long hours of riding. Most have a hard seat with options of a bicycle seat, or a full padded seat. Heavy leather and a heavy tree make for a rugged saddle most of which tip the scale at 50 lbs. or more. Drop plate and double dee are the most common riggings for this type of saddle.

Shop now for Western Ranch Saddles at PFI Western Store!!!

Ranch Cutter Saddles

Ranch Cutter saddles are built similar to Cutter Saddles with the main difference being the reinforced bars of the tree. This reinforcement makes the saddle strong enough for roping. The versatility of this saddle makes it an easy choice for horse trainers, team penners, and working cowboys.

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Reiner Saddles

Reiner saddles are built for a close contact feel. Many of these saddles have cutaway skirt patterns to allow riders to easily cue their horse. A narrow twist and lower cantle provide a defined “pocket” in the seat that helps the rider stay Positioned. A lowered horn and pommel allow rein movement without interference. Most Reiner saddles are skirt rigged which allows for more forward fender movement when sliding to a stop.

Shop now for Western Reiner Saddles at PFI Western Store!!!

Roper Saddles

Roper saddles are a durable saddle built on a heavier tree to withstand the riggers of arena roping or pasture work. Most Roper saddles have a padded flat seat, a straight up dally horn, and a lower cantle, and a lower pommel to prevent interference with rein movement and dallying. Typically roper saddles don’t have a lot of fender movement due to their position underneath the rider.

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Show Saddles

Show saddles are built for close contact and for show. Most show saddles are fully tooled and covered with silver. Cutaway skirts help the rider cue the horse. The equitation seat helps make a defined pocket for proper positioning. Show saddles are often made with very light colored leather.

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It's a Bandana Boot Sale at PFI! Save on Cowboy Boots, Western Boots, and Work Boots!!!

It's a Bandana boot Sale at PFI! Be on the lookout for Bandana Buck and his yellow blue, and red bandanas because wherever you find them, you'll find great bandana Savings! Cowboy Boots, Western Boots Work Boots and more all on SALE!!!

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Introducing PFI Family Farms!!!

The Holidays mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for time spent with family and making memories but there’s no doubt that the food is one of the most anticipated parts of the Holidays. Great food is a Holiday tradition and is one of the most fun parts of the celebration. This year, why not start a new tradition with PFI Family Farms?

PFI Family Farms products are bound to win over guests at any gathering! With everything from Salsas, Jams, and Barbeque Sauces to a variety of pickled foods, cheese, and more -- there’s something for all tastes!

PFI Family Farms Salsa is made from all-natural ingredients and comes in four exciting varieties: Hot, Mild, Black Bean, Garden, and Charcoal Roasted Pepper. Which one will be your favorite? There’s only one way to find out, try them all!

When it comes to jams, PFI Family Farms has nearly every flavor under the sun! Of course we have all the standard favorites; strawberry, peach, blueberry, but why not try some of our Hot Pepper Jam? Many of our jams are available sugar-free as well!

Cheese is always a favorite and Diamond Ridge Market has over 120 types to choose from! With that many choices, you won’t need to shop for cheese anywhere else! PFI Family Farms Cheese is exclusively sold at Diamond Ridge Market where you can sample them before you buy!

Three kinds of pickles, chow-chow, two kinds of relish, peaches -- the PFI Family Farms list just goes on and on. I could go on and on but why don’t you just see for yourself? Check out Diamond Ridge Market right now!

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PFI Family Farms Gift Baskets Are Now Available!!!

No matter what the occasion, finding a gift can be stressful. We all have that one person who is just impossible to find a gift for. In fact, some of us know several people like that. In that case the Holidays can be extra-stressful. It sure would be nice to just get all that gift shopping done in one place wouldn’t it? Well, fret no more because PFI’s Diamond Ridge Market has the answer to your prayers--PFI Family Farms Gift Baskets!

For those with more adventurous tastes, the Southwest Basket is a must-have. Have that bucket of water ready to put out the fire! From mild to hot, there is a flavor to please everyone in this tongue-wagging basket!

As you can see there’s a PFI Family Farms Gift basket for everyone! It’s nice to know you can find them all in one place. Plus, you can avoid the shopping crowds because these baskets are available online! Just visit Diamond Ridge Market Online and shop from the comfort of your own home!

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Lucchese Classics Boots Now on Sale at PFI Western

With all the boots out there to choose from, finding the perfect one might seem impossible. It might seem like you could spend a lifetime searching for the perfect combination of fit and comfort. Well, PFI is here to tell you to look no further! We are now a proud seller of the Lucchese Classics line of boots!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a boot that matched the Lucchese Classics in fit and comfort. Lucchese continues to use the twisted cone last design because no other method offers a better fit. They also insist on using the finest leathers on every inch of their boots. The use of near-perfect skins not only makes Lucchese Classics the most comfortable boots around, but some of the best looking!

PFI has several varieties of Lucchese Classics to choose from and you can find them all online!

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